About Us


Hop Phat Company is proud to own a team of talented, experienced, and passionate engineers. With dedication and love for the job, the Hop Phat engineers always ensure customer quality and satisfaction.


Drawing design engineers at Hop Phat are experts with extensive technical knowledge. They not only master the basic technical knowledge but also always update and apply the latest technologies to their work. From careful processing to detailed measurement and analysis, our drawing engineers ensure to bring customers the best solutions for their projects.

Kỹ sư Hợp Phát am hiểu công nghệ
Hop Phat engineers are experts with extensive knowledge of technology

Besides, the Machine Installation Engineer is also an important part. With outstanding knowledge of electromechanical, Hop Phat’s machine installation engineer is capable of handling and installing machinery equipment professionally. They always ensure maximum stability and performance for the projects we work on.


We always give priority to the improvement of Engineer’s skills by organizing periodic training courses by foreign experts or in-house instructors. Besides, we also regularly organize contests and tests of skills, to test and encourage Engineers to improve their knowledge and skills.

Đào tạo định kỳ
Regularly Training

In training sessions, we also integrate real-life situations for Engineers to practice their ability to handle situations to improve their sensitivity and creativity.


What is especially significant and makes a difference for Hop Phat’s engineering team is the love of the profession. We are not only looking for technically excellent engineers, but also dedicated and passionate partners for the work. We believe that the passion and dedication of the engineering team is the decisive factor to bring success to the customer’s project.

Kỹ sư chính trực

Therefore, Hop Phat is confident it to be a reliable and effective partner for customers. We are committed to always providing the best products and services, fully meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers.