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Proud to be a leading unit

Let us, Hop Phat company, accompany you in enjoying the best services and enjoyable shopping experience. We are proud to be the leading unit in the field of providing industrial and agricultural machinery solutions, always providing high-quality products and professional services.

When you decide to buy a cashew color sorter, coffee color sorter, or any of our machines, we are committed to providing you with the best “Before – During – After” sales service. Our professional, experienced, and dynamic staff is ready to listen and answer all your questions.

Attentiveness before sales

Dedicated pre-sales, we will assist you in the process of learning about the products. We’ll provide you with detailed information on the features, performance, and advantages of each product so you can choose wisely and fit your production needs.

Above all, we are committed to providing you with a comfortable and secure shopping experience. We will advise and assist you in choosing the most suitable product, ensuring that you will have the most effective and quality solution for color separation of cashew, coffee, beans, tea, assorted granules, weighing and vacuum sealing, classifying impurities.

Quy trình dịch vụ Hợp Phát
                                   Service Process of Hop Phat

Dedicated to sales

we are committed to meeting all your requirements and wishes. We’ll make your shopping experience easy and convenient, and save you time and effort. With fast and on-time delivery, you can rest assured that every product will be shipped to your address safely and quickly.
We will also train and guide the factory’s operating engineers on how to use and preserve the products in the most complete and detailed way. Make sure the factory engineer master the technology after completing the installation.

Careful after-sales

Dedicated after-sales, we are committed to supporting you during the use and maintenance of the product. With a team of experienced and specialized technicians, we will ensure that your machines are always running stably and at maximum performance. We are always ready to assist you in product repair and maintenance to ensure continuity and sustainability in all stages of your production.

Experience the dedicated service before – during – after the sale of Hop Phat company and you will always be satisfied at any time. Come to us and we will accompany you on the road to success!
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